Find bowling tournaments in your area.  Browse for leagues in your area or post upcoming leagues for others to join.  Check on league result, or just simply chat with others about bowling and share your bowling videos.  It’s all here at BowlerZone.


League Results

Attention League Secretaries: Take advantage of posting your league bowling scores and standings in our League Results section. This way, members can check their results from anywhere they have an internet connection, without having to wait until the following week. Membership is required in order to submit scores, but it’s absolutely free to sign up. Non-members will always have the ability to view results.

Browse Leagues
Attention Bowling Centers: Use our Browse Leagues section to post all the latest leagues your bowling center has to offer. This is a great way to get the word out to a national audience about your bowling center. And our member base is constantly growing which means your audience is always increasing. Members and non-members alike will be able to browse for leagues in their local area by using our advanced map feature.
Tournament Calendar
BowlerZone® has talented members who all contribute to the Tournament Calendar. You can become one of those members by joining up and posting tournaments you know about or may even be participating in. Or if you’ve never bowled in a tournament but would like to, now is your chance to find one near you. Any non-member can browse through the event calendar, but a free membership is required in order to become a contributor to our bowling tournament calendar.
We welcome bowlers of all skill levels to contribute to our blog. So if you have helpful tips or advice, this is your chance to share those lessons with others. Entries will be reviewed and approved accordingly, but who knows, we may even have some famous pros contribute.
Bowling Activity

Bowling has often been down-played as an actual sport. But over the years, it has not only gained the respect it deserves, but it’s now a cult following. After all, there have been a couple cult-classic movies about the sport. Our Activity center is a community of its own. We view it as a niche social network of bowlers from all walks of life who enjoy sharing their stories and videos with others. Do you like to show off your mad bowling skills? Join today for free and start posting your bowling videos.

Bowling Groups

Join existing bowling groups or create groups of your own. Many members have created bowling groups for their bowling league, bowling center, and other bowling interests. This is an easy way to broadcast announcements to your group about such things as:

  • Changes in start times
  • Make-up games
  • Venue changes
  • and much more

By typing one entry and posting to your group, you’ll have reached all members through an automated email. The same announcement will also appear in the Activity section.

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